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Hand Check Writer


Hand Check Writer   
 Hand Check Writer

Hand Check Writer (Multi currency Type or Single Currency Type) 
As a special office equipment, the product can write the amount of money on checks and other bills, 
widely used in banks, financial system, companies and department stores. 
Main characters of the product are clean write of written number on the front of checks,
apparent protruding on the back of checks, anti- counterfeit and alter proof.
FUNCTION & FEATURES Multi currency Type 
1. Digit capacity: Integral:9 digits decimal:2 digits
2. Single figure size:4.2mm(W)X4.8mm(H)
3. Auto winding and reversing function of ribbon
4.11 currency symbols on a figure wheel, typical as follows:
The other new currency symbols and their new arrangements can be made in a wheel according to requirements of the customers
5. The appointed symbol of customers can be embossed on the word-bar
6. Embossing form example as follows:A. B. C. D USD 234,567,890.45 CTS or / A. B. C. D USD+++++++ 890.45 CTS
FUNCTION & FEATURES Single Currency Type
1. Digital number:10, Decimal number:2
2. Single character size:4.2mm(W) x 4.8mm(H)
3. Function: Automatic conveyance of ribbon and automatic change of direction.
4. Movable word bar shift function: When used to write different length of number, Movable wordbar can shift
to the most digit
5. Movable wordbar can be replaced by special banks symbols.6. Movable wordbar can be replaced by multiform currency symbols.
EXAMPLE: EXACTLY 1,235,567,90.45 CTS or EXACTLY 90.45 CTSUSD 1,234,567,890.45 CTSor USD 90.45 CTS
Net weight:6.5 kg - Dimension size:280x172x162(mm), EUROLINE le spécialiste du traitement monétique : détecteur de faux billets, détecteur de fausses cartes bancaires, compteuse de billets, compteuse de pièces, compteuse valorisatrice de billets, compteuse trieuse valorisatrice de pièces, monnayeur, loupe, compte-fils, $, £, €, €uro   

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