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PC15 Electronic Check Writer

    PC15 Electronic Check Writer PC15 Electronic Check Writer

High speed printed with accuracy and clear embossed figures with special ink impossible to alter or falsify
Number of checks issued and total amount can be on memory
Display 14 digits LCD display for clearness and accuracy
Movable wordbar can be replaced by special banks symbols
Built in 16 different currency codesMemory store and password function
Inputtng by the keyboard for Rapidity and Acuracy
Same amount can be printed out repeatedly.
Can be used as calculator and the outcome of calculation can be printed out immediately
Position for typing on the check can be adjusted"Backspace" key for correcting incorrectly entered figures

Ink: Back or Red - Voltage: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz - Unit size: 29X25.5X26 cm - Weight: 2.9kg


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