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MD600 new technologie euro


MD600 new technologie €uro
                            MD600 new technologie €uro

MD600 is the most advanced Euro detector on the world. By adopting the most advanced high techniques of Metal Thread Code Detection, the device authenticate Euro banknotes by checking the presence of the security thread, controlling the identification codes entered on this thread and giving the value of the tested banknote. So, it can catch all versions of Euro counterfeits with highest accuracy. It is easy to operate the device. With LCD display on top, it gives more clear view of detected value each denomination and total value of the banknotes detected. All the data can be transmitted to PC through RS-232 Interface. It can be powered by both 12V DC connected to out power source, or by 9V rechargeable self-inserted Ni battery.
Small, light and portable.
DC battery internal for power supply when external power is not available.
Banknote detecting fed one by one, with each denomination piece counting and multi-denomination mix counting.
Simple operation and accurate detection.
Simple but practical battery system.

2. Technical specification
Target currency: Euro banknotes
Detectable banknote width: 50mm-100mm
Ambient temperature: 0-40Ž
Ambient humidity: 30-75%
Communication interface: RS 232C
Power supply: 12V D.C.,or 9V Battery
Charging time: <10hrs(Depends on the battery situation)
Battery specification: Ni-CD rechargeable, 800mAh
Battery Autonomy At least 500 pcs. Detection.
Working current:≈150mA
Static state Current:≈25uA
Dimension: 145(L)×123(W)×75(H)mm
Weight: 700g

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